MIT-MAPS Executive Board

Meet the Executive Board for the 2018-2019 academic year:


Sope Eweje ’19

Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering)

Fun fact: I once solved a Rubik’s Cube in 17 seconds

I was technically born in New York, but I lived almost all of my life in coastal North Carolina. After coming up north for school planning to pursue medical engineering, I have had a number of experiences at MIT that have helped me gain the confidence to pursue a career at the intersection of clinical medicine and the medical devices industry/research spaces. I work in the gastrointestinal drug delivery group of the Langer Lab, helping develop novel technologies for various therapeutic functions in the GI tract, and I’ve spent the past two summers interning at companies in the medical device industry. Outside of what I like to call “pre-med stuff”, I’m a high jumper for MIT’s varsity track and field team and an executive board member for dynaMIT, a student organization that creates STEM exposure opportunities for middle schools students in in the Boston area. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish with MAPS this year!


Nonye Ikeanyi ’19

Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering)

Fun Fact: I once flew from Nigeria to LA and then LA to Italy all in one go (about 40 hours of flying)

I was born in Long Beach, California and have moved away from the coast but have stayed in Southern California for my whole life. I am a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Biology, which allows to explore and understand the nuances of how biomedical devices are created with both compatibility and efficiency in mind. My research on Gastro-retentive devices in the Langer Lab allows me to work on the skills I learn in the classroom. I also serve as the Dormitory Council President, where I try to make the student life of those in dorms as great as possible! I am a Medlink, where I provide over the counter medication and first aid relief when necessary and in my free time I love read, watch Netflix, and play volleyball. I am currently applying to MD/MPH programs!

Vice President

Daniel Osorio ’19

Course 7 (Biology)

Fun Fact: 

I was born in Peru but grew up in sunny Miami, FL, the land of oranges and humidity. After switching my major many a times, I’ve finally (fingers crossed that it’s the last switch) settled on Biology. I’m currently doing research on the microbiome and the immune system at Arlene Sharpe’s lab at HMS and have previously done other UROPs at MIT. I’ve held a couple of leadership positions in my fraternity, Sigma Nu, and do other volunteering activities outside of MIT. I’m a HUGE soccer fan (Arsenal ‘til I die) and will happily talk for hours about the beautiful game. I know that in another life I would’ve been a soccer coach and I would’ve taken Peru to World Cup glory. In this life, my goal is to one day be a pediatric oncologist. I’m still unsure of whether to go for an MD or an MD-PhD, which is why I’ll be taking a gap year to get more time to think about what I want to do.



Kerrie Greene ’19

Course 20 (Biological Engineering) and Course 9 (Brain and Cognitive Sciences)

(Relatively) Fun Fact: My favorite restaurant is PepperSky’s!

I was born in Atlanta, GA. Although I spent a significant portion of my childhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta is where I call home. I am double majoring in Biological Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Sciences, I have enjoyed integrating the two disciplines through my coursework and research experiences. For the past two summers, I have been working in Dr. Evette Radisky’s Lab studying cancer biology at the Mayo Clinic. At school, I have been working in Dr. Rebecca Saxe’s Lab studying infant social cognition. I am currently applying to MD/PhD programs, and I am excited for what the future holds! 



Amaka Amobi ’19

Course 9 (Brain and Cognitive Sciences)

Fun fact: I love food so much that my mom frequently has to jog my memory of an event by describing the food I ate at the time of the event.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I’m majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and minoring in Literature with a focus on race and identity. I exercise my love of brains and the people who study them through my involvement as the Co-President of the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Society, and I try to keep up with the latest African and Caribbean beats by dancing with Sakata Afrique. As a Medlink, I also support students and connect them to health and wellness resources. I’m currently applying to MD/MPH programs and hope to eventually aid in the journey towards destigmatizing mental health.